133 Armoured Division Littorio

Littorio Division insignia

Littorio Division insignia

This article is about an Italian Army during Desert War of North African Campaign of World War II.

Littorio Armoured Division was one of the largest armored units of the Italian army during World War II and served as the 4th Division Littorio previously during the Spanish Civil War.

The Division was established in November 1939 with 33rd regiment armored, 12th Bersaglieri and 133rd Regiment of Artillery “Littorio”.

Its first combat action took place in front of the Alps in the fight against France.

Later it moved to the Balkans to the invasion of Yugoslavia, which took part along with some other Italian units.

Annibale Bergonzoli

Annibale Bergonzoli, commander of 133 Armoured Division Littorio

In 1941, it was sent to North Africa, where it will end its combat history. It replaced the 33rd Armored Regiment with 133rd armored regiment. Operating in the Italian XX Corps, it took part in the fighting against the Allies, especially in the First Battle of El Alamein and in the Second Battle of El Alamein. During this last battle, the Division was completely destroyed, being dissolved in November 1942, as to not be created.

It has never been rebuilt as a large military unit for the modern Italian Army, for the reason that its name was closely linked to fascism (the fascio Littorio, in whose honor is named, was a fascist symbols par excellence).

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