15 cm sIG 33 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf)

The storm Panzer II “Bison” was a heavy infantry gun (15-cm sIG 33) on a self-propelled gun.

The first attempt to move the 33 heavy infantry gun on a tank chassis, was the Sturmpanzer I of 1940. In early 1941, the order was given to develop a similar vehicle based on the Panzer II. Alkett presented in October 1941 a prototype, the ausreichendend not only had space for the gun, but could also absorb the enormous recoil. The chassis was compared with that of the Panzer II widened and lengthened by 32 cm by 60 cm, also a sixth wheel was added. The armor was limited to a gun shield and a flat side armor. The gun itself had a range of 4700 meters, it was as heavy as a heavy infantry gun or mortar, depending on the shot angle and the initial velocity of the projectile used. The engine power was moderate (weak engine overheated quickly) and the mount was hard to maneuver.

All twelve vehicles were divided into two companies, from February to April 1942 moved to the German Africa Corps and used before Tobruk. After a short time the Bison II was as though a strong fight, but unreliable vehicle that required constant maintenance and is therefore not suitable for covering further distances. By December 1942, the vehicles of this type were decommissioned. As the successor to the assault infantry gun 33 was developed from the end of 1941.

Report by a Bison II was at the Palestine War of 1948 in the Egyptian service.

Technical specifications

•Weight: 12 tons

•Length: 5.48 m

•Width: 2.60 m

•Height: 1.98 m

•Engine: V8 petrol engine Büssing-NAG, 155 hp

•Speed: 40 km / h

•Armament: 150 mm heavy infantry gun 33

•Armour: 20 mm front, 10 mm lateral

•Crew: 4 men

•Year: 1941-1942

•Quantity: 12 pieces

Sturmpanzer the Wehrmacht

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