154th Infantry Division Murge

The 154 Infantry Division “Murgia” was a great infantry units of the Royal Army during the Second World War.


The origins date back to the Brigade of the division “Murgia” of World War I, consisting of 26 February 1917 of 259th and 260th Infantry Regiment and demobilized in July 1919. In 1926 he was re-established on the basis of ternary as Infantry Brigade of the Murgia (XXIII) on 9th Infantry Regiment “Queen”, 10th Infantry Regiment “Queen” and 47th Infantry Regiment “Ferrara”, and in 1934 provides the component Infantry Infantry Division the Murgia, disbanded in 1939.

Starting in 1941, during the Second World War, the infantry divisions were formed from employment it was normal infantry divisions, without the legion of black shirts, as well as facilities provided for a smaller number of artillery but a greater amount of machine guns. The name “from employment” was abolished in 1942, but were not affecting the characteristics of organic and operational purposes.

On 1 December 1941 he was made ​​the 154 Infantry Division of employment “Murgia”, with staff in the 259 Infantry Regiment “Murgia”, the 260 Infantry Regiment “Murgia” and 154th Artillery Regiment “Murgia”. After the ‘invasion of Yugoslavia, from 5 April 1942, the largest unit is geared to employment of’ Herzegovina, where he lined up in defense of Mostar, Jablanica, Konjic, cacko and Nevesinje. Constantly working to end partisan warfare in the bloody Battle of Neretva of February 1943 against the ‘People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia suffered heavy losses, with 259 Regiment almost destroyed. Is reorganized getting the 311 Infantry Regiment “Casale”, continues the anti-partisan in the region of Lika, to move then, in May, 1943, on the coast between Ragusa and Trebinje with the task of coastal defense. Cultured from ‘armistice between Cassibile Signo and Bakar, is able to reach River on September 14, where the 154 Infantry Division “Murgia” broke up.

Order of Battle: 1942

•259 Infantry Regiment “Murgia”

•260th Infantry Regiment “Murgia”

•154th Artillery Regiment “Murgia”

•CLIV Battalion machine gunners

•CLIV Battalion mixed genius

◦154th Company genius artisans

◦254th Mixed Company telegraph / radio operators

•136th Health Section

•a section subsistence

•119th Autosezione

•118th Section CC.RR.

•119th Section CC.RR.

Order of Battle: 1943

•260th Infantry Regiment “Murgia”

•311 Infantry Regiment “Casale”

•154th Artillery Regiment “Murgia”

◦a group 75/27

◦a group from 100/22

•CLIV Battalion mortars

•CLIV Battalion mixed genius

◦154th Company genius artisans

◦254th Mixed Company telegraph / radio operators

•Services divisional

•Army troops assigned to the division:

◦LXVI Group artillery d ‘Army from 152/13

◾two batteries

◦1st Company GaF.

◦2nd Company GaF.

◦10th Company GaF.

◦2nd Company / Battalion CCXLIX territorial Mobile

◦a squadron wagons L / I Group Light Tank “San Giusto”

Commanders (1941-1943)

•Maj. Gen. Paris Negri

•Maj. Gen. Eduardo Quarra Site

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