158th Infantry Division Zara

The 158 Infantry Division “Zara” was a great infantry units of the Royal Army during the Second World War.


The Troops Zara

On 1 January 1936 he was made ​​the Troops of the Presidium of Zadar, in the then Italian province of Zadar, organized initially on a Command forehead to the ground and a command of artillery, with units from the Royal Army, Border Guard and the Voluntary Militia for National Security. Among the weapons and specialties of the Royal Army, were also present Carabinieri, riflemen and a company equipped with mechanized and armored wagons L5/21 Lancia 1Z.

Since the beginning of the Second World War, Troops Zara is committed to the defense of the only two towns in the province, Zadar and Lastovo, which constituted an ‘Italian enclave in the territory of Croatia. When, during the ‘invasion of Yugoslavia, the 2nd Army advancing from Venezia Giulia in the territory of Yugoslavia, April 12, 1941 also departments Troops Command Zara into action dealing Biograd, Nona, Obrovazzo, Bencovazzo, Scardona and finally Knin, where they enter in contact with the 133rd Armored Division “Littorio”.

The Division “Zara”

The occupation of Dalmatia Mussolini allows you to add a piece to the project of Greater Italy, with the constitution, April 17, 1941, the Governorate of Dalmatia, joined the Kingdom of Italy. The military governorship falls under the purview of the XVIII Corps, including transferred February 3, 1942, on which depends the Troops Zara. This, on 1 September 1942 he was transformed Infantry Division from employment, with the names of 158 Infantry Division “Zara”. The largest unit is obtained by reorganization of staff and departments of the previous command, with the establishment of two new regiments of infantry, 291st and 292nd Infantry Regiment “Zara”, and one of the divisional artillery.

The division is terraced on the Dalmatian coast in Zadar, Split, Castles, Sibenik, Trogir and the offshore islands, covering also the communication lines and railways interior. As part of its anti-partisan, the division is hard engaged in heavy fighting in 1943 with the Yugoslav resistance. The 158 Infantry Division “Zara” melts on September 9, as a result of ‘armistice Cassibile. The staff that was taken prisoner by the Wehrmacht, he joined the Resistance, with the exception of the 107th Legion “Rismondo, “which joins the Germans and is then integrated in the ‘Army of the Republican National Social Republic.

Order of Battle of the Troops of the Presidium of Zadar: 1936

•Command forehead to the ground

◦Machine-Gun Battalion “Diaz” (GaF)

◦Machine-Gun Battalion “Cadorna” (GaF)

Bersaglieri Battalion “Zara”

◦Company mechanized “Zara”

◦a mixed company genius

◦a company train of genius

◦a platoon chemical

•Command Artillery

Artillery Group “clearings”

◦Artillery Group “Ederle”

◦Artillery Group “Fadini”

Order of Battle of the Troops of the Presidium of Zadar: 1940

•Command forehead to the ground

◦Battalion machine gunners, “Diaz” (GaF)

◦Battalion machine gunners, “Cadorna” (GaF)

◦Volunteers Battalion machine gunners, “Francis Rismondo” (GaF)

Bersaglieri Battalion “Zara”

•Command in front of the sea

◦Military garrison of the islands Zadar

•Troops Command

◦Territorial Group “Zara ”

◦Company mechanized “Zara”

◦107th Legion ordinary “Rismondo”

◾CVII Battalion

◾107th Company gunners

◦CIII Group autonomous artillery GaF

◦III Gruppo/10 th Legion MACA

◦XXX Battalion mixed genius (GaF)

Order of Battle of the 158 Infantry Division “Zara”: 1942

•291 Infantry Regiment “Zara”

◦Battalion Fusiliers “Diaz”

Bersaglieri Battalion cyclists “Zara”

◦Machine-Gun Battalion “Split”

◦Company controcarri 47/32;

•292 Infantry Regiment “Zara”

◦Battalion Fusiliers “Cadorna”

◦Battalion Fusiliers “Rismondo”

◦Machine-Gun Battalion “Dalmatia”

◦Company controcarri 47/32;

•107th Legion ordinary “Rismondo”

◦CVII Battalion

◦107th Company gunners

•158th Artillery Regiment “Zara”

•CCCXX Battalion genius

◦258th Mixed Company telegraph / radio operators;

◦158th Company genius

•a health section

•a section subsistence

•a section

Order of Battle of the 158 Infantry Division “Zara”: 1943

•291 Infantry Regiment “Zara”

◦The Battalion Fusiliers “Diaz”

◦II Battalion Fusiliers “Trogir”

◦Machine-Gun Battalion “Split”

◦Company controcarri 47/32;

•292 Infantry Regiment “Zara”

◦The Battalion Fusiliers “Cadorna”

◦II Battalion Fusiliers “Rismondo”

◦III Battalion Fusiliers

◦Company controcarri 47/32

•11th Regiment of Bersaglieri

•two battalions of grenadiers

•158th Artillery Regiment “Zara”

•60th Grouping artillery position GaF

•152th Company garrison

•343th Company garrison

Commanders (1942-1943)

•January Viale Carlo B.

Great Italian unit of World War II

Infantry divisions of the Italian Army

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