20 mm Polsten

Polsten – British-made antiaircraft gun, designed by Polish engineers on the basis of the Swiss Oerlikon 20 mm plot. Compared with Oerlikon consisting of 250 parts, Polsten consisted of only 119 parts, which did not have any negative impact on the effectiveness and reliability of the weapon. Simplifying construction plot also received a significant reduction in the cost of production. While the production of one plot Oerlikon cost about £ 350, the Polish version costing between 60 and 70 €. The only significant difference between Oerlikon and Polsten was not supported by the magazine – Oerlikon use cumbersome and disliked by the staff 60-cartridge magazine drum and Polsten able to use both his and comfortable, lighter and cheaper to manufacture a 30-cartridge magazine, a box.

The production of the weapon began in 1944. No, it ousted from the use of Oerlikon (it was not necessary withdrawal as well, already produced and used weapons), and both of these grounds were used in parallel. Externally Polsten was so similar to the Oerlikon that could be used in the same applications on the same substrates and gun mounts as Swiss. It was used as a plot and a secondary anti-tank weapons. Served in the British Army still in the 50s Although this weapon is no longer produced in a long time, it is still used in many third world countries.

The origin of the name “Polsten” is not entirely clear, some sources say that it comes from the words Poland and Sten, but the gun was neither designed nor manufactured at Stena. It seems more likely that the name comes from the words Pols each, perhaps T chechoslovakia (magazine was designed by a Czech engineer) and En field, and is inspired by names like Bren (Br + En no field) and Sten (S hephard, T Urpin + En field). Meets the explanation that “stent” in the name of work is intended to mean that the gun is like a machine gun with the same name, it was very easy to build and cheap to manufacture.

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