23rd Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Kama

23 SS Mountain Division (2nd Croatian) “Kama” (German 23.  Gebirgs Waffen-Division der SS “Kama” (kroatische no. 2) – tactical relationship Waffen-SS composed of Muslim Bosniaks, Croats and ethnic Germans from Banat in the Second World War.


May 28, 1944, the Adolf Hitler approved the formation of a second after 13 SS Mountain Division “Handschar” Muslim-Croat entity in the Balkans. She received another number 23 and nicknamed “Kama”, which meant caucasian dagger. Along with the 13 DGór. SS she had to create a body of mountains. Her task was to combat insurgency in eastern Bosnia and protection of these areas in order to create an autonomous region for the Muslims under the authority of the SS.

June 10 started recruitment for the units of Muslims and Croats living in Bosnia and ethnic Germans from the Banat. The officers and non-commissioned officers made up the majority of Germany. It also moved to a number of soldiers from the 13th DGór. SS. In September, the number of Number of soldiers reached only 3793 people compared to the proposed size of 19 thousand. Soldiers who profess Islam were guaranteed freedom of worship and respect their customs, which was previously approved by the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. Each battalion had an imam and e and s regiment mullahs. However, between Bosniaks and Croats and Germans went down to a number of conflicts due to the treatment of the former, who were Slavs as subhumans. They were also on the religious and cultural heritage. Hence the division was characterized by low morale and many desertion me.

Due to the threat of attacks by the guerrillas military training was transferred to the area of Banat u At that time, the Red Army as a result of its offensive in the Balkans and Hungary came dangerously close to the 23 training bases DGór. SS. In this situation, the Germans decided to intensify training, setting unrealistic date of September 24, 1944 to achieve combat readiness by its soldiers. Finally, the German military authorities themselves caught on to the unreality of the plan and, consequently, in October 1944 decided to disband and its staff and soldiers transferred to other divisions. Most of the recruits went to the division “Handschar” and the German officers and non-commissioned officers and 31 SS Volunteer Grenadier Division “Böhmen und Mähren”. Number 23 transferred while the rubber of the Dutch SS Panzer Grenadier Division “Nederland”.


Medal of men 23 DGór. SS “Kama”, he wore the collar of his uniform, there was a sun with 16 rays. Tropical uniforms were khaki. On their heads they wore fezzes.


•SS-Standartenführer Helmuth Raithel (June 1, 1944 – September 28, 1944)

•SS-Oberführer Gustav Lombard (28 September 1944 – 1 October 1944)


•55 Mountain Rifle Regiment of the Waffen SS (3 Croatian)

•56 Mountain Rifle Regiment of the Waffen SS (4 Croatian)

•23 Mountain Artillery Regiment of the Waffen SS

•SS Reconnaissance Battalion 23

•Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion 23 SS

Tank Destroyer Battalion 23 SS

•23 SS battalion supply

•Pioneer Battalion 23 SS

•Communications Battalion 23 SS

•23 Field Hospital SS

•Additions Battalion 23 SS

•23 Department of Sanitary SS

•23 Department of Administrative SS

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