Amphibious assault ship

U.S. amphibious assault ship USS Belleau Wood LHA Tarawa Class-3. You can see a landing craft heading for the flooded dock entrance at the stern, in addition to the flight deck with helicopters and airplanes.

An amphibious assault ship or amphibious ship is a warship capable of transporting infantry with their material, including the heaviest, they can be anywhere and yet be landing quay or port practicable. For this reason are called assault.


The amphibious assault ships are large, usually above 10,000 tonnes full load displacement and over 100 meters in length, making them often become some of the largest ships in any fleet.

Its capacity varies from one model to another, but is generally several helicopters that usually belong to the permanent endowment of the ship, shipped hundreds of soldiers and heavy equipment such as tanks or armored combat vehicles amphibious force.

To disembark can use the crane or cranes that have on the bridge, the helicopter s, landing craft or flooded dock (the vessels that have it), which is usually located in the rear to be able to fill out and allow the carrying amphibious vehicles.

Some of the larger vessels, such as those operated the Marine Corps of the United States or the Strategic Projection Ship the Spanish Armada, are versatile, so you can operate aircraft short takeoff and vertical landing, as the Harrier, making them into small carrier.


A floodable dock amphibious ship. Its interior is so spacious that can accommodate any type of military vehicle.

For its size and versatility amphibians perform a variety of missions. Including:

•Landing and re-embarkation of troops to beachheads conquests, invasions or redemption of units in trouble.

•Incursions into using their helicopters.

•Air cover for amphibious operations (those who have embarked naval aviation).

Hospital ship to accommodate its dependencies to meet wounded.

•Disaster Assistance. With its high capacity can carry equipment to rebuild bridges, roads and road condition, prepare makeshift camps, etc..

These ships can be easy prey for missile attacks, torpedoes or mines due to its large proportions, so that the armed services have normally have the means to protect them (frigates, minesweepers …), which not only are available, but that often accompany regular or special missions. Thus, these groups (also sometimes called Task Force) constitute small fleets and place any armed you will have them among the most powerful in the world, not only for the ship, but by the escort that accompanies it. Thus, hosts a substantial size and budget, such as Chinese, pose little threat, but the threat to order out to neighboring islands such as Taiwan, for its small amphibious force.

The construction of the amphibious ships and ground forces carrying therefore usually the last step you can take an army in its ability to project force where necessary (amphibious boats Marines United States may get itself same at 3/4 of the globe without refueling and Unfunded anywhere).

Problems and weaknesses

However, similar sized machine poses many problems for the armed they serve. Among them we can mention.

Some of the largest amphibious ships are of similar dimensions to an aircraft carrier and require similar protection. Your need for supplies is a weakness.

•Fuel and supplies you need to move and operate must accompany as logistic support ships or civilian ships which, by their nature, are vulnerable to enemy fire. So I checked the British in the Falklands War, where the Argentines made ​​the mistake of attacking first the Royal Naval Escort instead of large civilian vessels such as Canberra, carrying essential supplies to the victory.

•The large number of army and navy that require, which for voluntary recruitment armed, as are often some of the strongest, it is a problem of considerable magnitude.

•The large tonnage shipped vehicles is a constant wear his entrance ramp and dock floor flooded. So, boats as Galicia Class have a wooden ramp that must be maintained and replaced frequently, which is excessively expensive and dependent parts.

Amphibious assault ships

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