Battle of Mindanao

The Battle of Mindanao was the name given to the battle of conquest by the American island of Mindanao in the Philippines, which took place between 10 March and 15 August 1945. The Japanese were in number about 43,000 Americans and 90,000. The battle for the conquest of Mindanao began March 10, 1945, when the X body commanded by General Sibert, landed in the bay of Illana.

The forces of Sibert, going quickly in the interior, they advanced to 184 km in 15 days, and swooped out of Davao, depriving the Japanese of their last major city in the Philippines. Davao capitulated on May 3, but still had to spend more than a month of hard fighting in the hills of the interior. Subsequent landings on the northern coast of Mindanao, in the bay of Macalajar and in the Bay of Butan, pushed the U.S. further into columns, to break Japanese resistance, which however was not smashes and forced to take refuge in the jungle until the last week of June.

In the far south of the island that left about 2,000 Japanese, who have been isolated there since Sibert had fallen out of Davao in March and April. These refugees were the target of the last landing of troops transported by sea, in the fight for the Philippines that had begun in the Gulf of Leyte, in ‘October 1944. On July 12, a battalion of the XXIV division went ashore, to join the local Filipino guerrillas and surround the Japanese. The Americans landed in the bay of Sarangani, the inlet to the south of the coast of Mindanao. The Japanese did not take, continuing to fight and making it clear to the Americans that they were not just to the south of the island. Only 15 August stopped the fight because they knew of the surrender of Japan (in any case not deliver themselves prisoners). On August 15, rimanenvano, according to what was said, 18,000 Japanese.

At one time General Douglas MacArthur had planned to launch from this point on the offensive to retake the Philippines. Instead, Mindanao represented the scene of the last action of the entire military campaign. According to U.S. sources the Americans had 820 dead and 2,880 injured and 10,000 Japanese dead in combat, 8,000 disease deaths and 7,000 injured.

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