Breda M37

Breda M37

Breda M37

The Breda Model 37 was a heavy machine gun manufactured by the Italian company na Italian Ernesto Breda Costruzioni Meccaniche. Entered service in 1937, was the standard heavy machine gun supplied with the Royal Army during the course of World War II.

Construction and operations

The Breda Model 37 was a heavy machine gun with automatic recovery of gas and air cooled. The barrel was replaced every 450 shots (in conditions of continuous fire) to cool the period of the cane was 20,000 hits. He used a munition designed specifically for use with machine guns, the ammunition 8 × 59 mm Breda.

The charger was the type plate of 20 shots and was introduced into the left side of the weapon that limited, as in the French machine gun Hotchkiss Mle 1914, continuous auto focus. To maintain focus on continuous serving should submit a charger after another, while the gunner firing button was pressed. A feature of the weapon was that each cartridge case, after the shooting, was reinserted into the magazine. In order to recharge the power supply or charger plates, there was a portable machine operated crank which was used to remove the shells from the plate and the introduction of new cartridges, this device was equipped with a hopper into which the cartridges were introduced bulk (Education provisional the machine gun Breda 37)

The Breda Model 38 is the version for vehicular installation flak in the turret or bunker.


In service, the Breda 37 proved to be robust, reliable and accurate, and his weight was, however, quite superior to other types of contemporary machine gun. Its production continued for the German army also dopoil 1943. Its use as a weapon in the Italian regulatory continued even after the war, until it was replaced by more modern machine guns. During the Second World War some Italians captured weapons were used in battle by Commonwealth units.

The Breda 37 was also utilized by the Portuguese, under the name of heavy machine gun M/938. Was used in Africa during the Portuguese colonial war.

The Breda Model 38 was a variant designed for use on vehicles, and was powered by a charger package of 24 cartridges, placed on top of the weapon. The Breda Mod 38 Mod 37 difference from the shell expelled after the shooting. The case was, however, recovered in a lot collect shells applied under the gun. The Model 38 had a pistol grip. The Breda Model 38 was mounted on the tanks of the Royal Army.

In reactivation, after the Second World War, the works of the Vallo Alpino, many were equipped with this machine gun placed in the rooms of combat.

Today it can be rarely encountered in some areas of war. It is still produced as a weapon for paintball.


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