Browning wz.1928

Browning wz.1928

Browning wz.1928

7.92 mm rkm Browning wz. 1928 – Polish automatic machine gun from the interwar period, which was developed based on the Browning M1918 rifle.

History of construction

After regaining independence in 1918 Polish Army possessed many types of light and light machine guns. They were both acquired guns in warehouses army invaders, and bought or received as part of military assistance. Some models were outdated and hindered structural diversity training.

In 1923, a competition for new light machine guns, but it ended without a winner. The following year, rkm Browning M1918, Lewis wz. 1923 and Hotchkiss wz. 23 were purchased in order to carry out testing and choosing the best design. In tests carried out preferably fell rkm Browning. The second competition was conducted in early 1925, attended by several structures were selected facilities offered by the Belgian FN Browning light machine guns. Despite the competition, next year still ongoing attempts rkm Hotchkiss and Lewis. In plants and FN made an order for modified versions rkm Browning by Polish specifications. Changed caliber weapons, construction and mounting bipod (skids instead spurs, moving forward bipod barrel), revised target (replaced Sight sight and sight was rotated), extended barrel and pistol grip added. Rkm admitted to arming the end of 1927 as 7.92 mm rkm Browning wz.1928. In plants FN ordered 10 000 copies of the new weapons. At the same time you purchased licenses for the production of light machine guns inPoland.

Production inPolandbegan with a significant delay in 1930. The reason for the delay were errors in the technical documentation supplied by the Belgians. By 1939, there were approximately 14 000 copies of this weapon. Between 1928 and 1939 there were further structural changes. Changed the shape of the flask (Flask “fish tail”), reduced size and added szczerbinki bow cover. There has also been work on the barrel quick release.

During a defensive war in 1939, rkm wz. 1928 was widely used by infantry, and was a reliable weapon and customs, even in the toughest conditions. Acquired copies of the Wehrmacht was using the IMG 28 (p). A number of captured guns, was also used by the Red Army at the beginning of the Soviet-German war.

Description of the structure

Browning wz. 1928, it was a team-samopowtarzalną weapon. The principle of operation is based automation of the discharge of the powder gases through the side hole barrel, with a long movement of the gas piston. Arms were equipped with gas regulator. Rkm wz. 28 shooting from the lock open. Lockable swivel lock bolt. Extract spring is in the lock, and he was part ejector performance of the receiver (shells are thrown to the right).

Browning wz. 1928 was the weapons supplied from the double-row 20-round magazines. Impact mechanism bijnik words, the role of bijnika meets suwadło, trigger the fire selector. Switch the type of fire connected to the fuse. The flap switch was on the left side of the chamber drain. Fuse immobilized trigger.

Browning wz. 1928 was equipped with a bed and pistol grip. Kolb was wooden. Mechanical sights (sight krzywiznowy of Sight, setting 300-1600 meters). Heavy barrel, non-removable, had notches accelerate cooling, complete thread with which a conical silencer mounted flame thrower or (dummy ammunition during the tutorial). If you do not use any device exit wound was on the thread protector. Attached to the barrel was the gas chamber. Bipod was attached to a gas pipe.

Support this weapon is 3 soldiers aiming and 2 ammunition (full time shooters). Fire Unit to the gun – 500 rounds (including 480 with bullet S (light) and 20 of the projectile P. Donation normal ammunition (with arms): 2 JO (of which 1 JO directly at the handle – the magazines, the second on a full-time sub-division of the means of transport, such as biedce ammunition). Ammunition was carried by the gunner (5 magazines) and 2 of ammunition (10 magazines).

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