Dmitry Timofeyevich Kozlov

Dmitry Kozlov T. (Nov. 4 (October 23) 1896 – December 6, 1967) – Soviet military commander, Lieutenant-General (1943).

Early years

Born in the village Razgulyayka, nowNizhny Novgorodregion. The military service from 1915 and graduated from the school s ensign. Member of the 1st World War. In the Red Army from 1918 as well. During the Civil War he commanded a battalion Regiment.


  • NCOSchool(1917);
  • courses “Shot” (1924),
  • MilitaryAcademyof the Red Army to them.Frunze(1928),
  • WAC at the HigherMilitaryAcademy. Voroshilov (1949).

Participation in wars and military conflicts

  • World War I (Ensign);
  • The Civil War (Room battalion assistant. Com. Regiment com. Regiment);
  • Soviet-Finnish War (Note 1 page case 8 Army).

In the interwar period

  • To: 4 Turkestan page Regiment (December 1922);
  • com. 109 p Regiment (September 1924);
  • early. Staff 46 p Division (July 1928);
  • Head of TMO-3 department Kiev Infantry. School (November 1930);
  • com. and commissar of the 44th Infantry Division of theKiev(since January 1931);
  • Art. lecturer in general tactics of theMilitaryAcademyof the Red Army to them.Frunze(since December 1935);
  • early. courses “Shot” (September 1939);
  • com. Case 1 page (December 1939);
  • Deputy. commands troops OdVO (April – December 1940);
  • Deputy. teams. troops of the 9th Army (June-July 1940 during annexation of Bessarabia);
  • Head of TMO-3 department Chief Directorate of the Red Army Air Defense (December 1940);
  • member of senior management of the meeting of the Red Army 23-31 December 1940
  • commands troops ZakVO (January 1941).

With the beginning of World War II – in the same position.

Great Patriotic War

After the start of World War II in August 1941 and was appointed commander of the Transcaucasian Front. Iranian operation conducted.
Since the end of December 1941 the commander of the Caucasus Front, from January 1942 the Crimean front.

SupervisedKerchlanding operation. Despite the initial success, the operation ended in disaster: within 12 days of the Crimean Front, who had a considerable superiority in strength, has lost more than 176,000 men, 37 tanks, about 3,500 guns and mortars, and 400 aircraft.Kerchbridgehead was eliminated (see Operation Trappenjagd). 4 June 1942 DT Kozlov was demoted to major general of s and removed as commander of the Front.

  • In August 1942 and transferred to the post of commander of the 24th Army.

(9th Res.A 10.06.42-31.08.42 – renamed to24 A(5F)).

  • Since October 1942 as assistant and deputy commander of the Voronezh Front to form,
  • Thus ended this heavy fighting. From 14 to 21 March in the woods northeast Mokhnach constantly out of our units, units and groups. The same path out of theKharkovdeputy commander of the Voronezh Front General DT Kozlov. He was the head of the city’s defense, and he left one of the last.

As you know, the Nazis March 14,1943 asecond capturedKharkov.

  • May-August 1943 authorized betting on theLeningradfront,
  • from August 1943, the deputy commander of the Transbaikal Front.

He participated in battles againstJapan.

Post-war years

In 1946 – 1954 Deputy Commander of the Trans-Baikal, Assistant districts.

Since 1954 and in stock.
Died 6.12. 1967.Minsk.


Alexei Isaev:
Generally speaking, DT Kozlov was one of the unfortunate Soviet military leaders. Stress – just unlucky, not incompetent and stupid. Of course, he was not a “Hindenburg”, but one must admit that Dmitry Timofeevichu desperately unlucky. Every time he unwillingly found himself where German forces were strong on the ground and in the air. Instead of room to maneuver, or at least protect them from seeing eye mask aerial reconnaissance forest Kozlov getting any open, barren steppe on the narrow and dense static front. Its like a haunted powerful German large air – VIII Air Corps. As in the Crimea in May 1942 and atStalingrad in September 1942, VIII Air Corps aircraft proved over subordinates DT Kozlov troops relentlessly bringing death and destruction. After Stalingrad, Kozlov has managed to get under counterattack Manstein atKharkov in February – March 1943 Thus, he was responsible for the formal surrender ofKharkov, which was already hold quite impossible. This last episode of the last straw management, and DT Kozlov banished from the army in Transbaikalia. If he outlasted a terrible 1942 somewhere far from the scrutiny of VIII Air Corps – the North-West and theBryansk front – that would be a good chance to stay in the memory of future generations to be quite successful military leader and even end the war inBerlin.

Lieutenant General Ivan A. Laskin:
In the thirties, I had to serve in the 44th Division, commanded by DT Kozlov, so we pretty well know each other.
After about a year, in late March 1943, when he, being already the deputy commander of the Voronezh Front, arrived at the Kursk Bulge, where I was chief of staff of the 7th Guards Army, I met him, and Dimitri T. himself started talking about his failure on the Kerch Peninsula.
Dmitry T. said at the time that he felt guilty, and most importantly, his lack of training, as the scale of a front operation he never had a case. And besides, the theater got unusual: behind theKerchStrait, and from both sides – the sea …


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