French Seventh Army

The 7th French army was a major unit of the French army, which was used in the First and Second World War.

World War I

ASEAN was established on 4th April 1915 from the army division deployed in the Vosges is formed and remained throughout the war front in this sector used. First commander was General Maud. The 7th Army participated among others in the battle for the Hartmannswillerkopf 1915. Against the war, you were also placed under American divisions.

World War II

The 7th Army was set up in September 1939 and again during the 1940 campaign in the West it in the first French Army Group employed. It consisted of a mechanized infantry division, one motorized infantry division and four infantry divisions.

The 7th Army should be prepared according to the Dyle-Breda plan to connect to the Dutch army. Your commander General Henri Giraud, decided after the seizure of the bridges at Moerdijk, Netherlands to prepare for a defense near the coast between Western Scheldt from the Channel to Antwerp. After heavy attacks of the German 9th Panzer Division and by Stuka’s moved the army from Antwerp to Breda and Tilburg back.

After the Dutch surrender to the south and the German breakthrough at Sedan (Battle of Sedan 13 to 15 May 1940), the army was withdrawn to the south behind the Somme. Was here, her left wing, the 10th Army formed. In the second phase of the campaign in the west, she was involved in the defense of Paris and retreat fighting on the Loire.

In June 1940, secured the 7th French army by a negotiator to the Army High Command 18 Colonel-General Georg von Küchler, the evacuation of Paris and Paris granted.

On 14 June attracted Wehrmacht units without a fight in the deserted-looking Paris. To ensure that no strategic targets were connected.

After the Armistice (22 June 1940) it was dissolved. Her last commander Brother Aubert was under the Vichy regime, military governor of Lyon and co-founded the Organisation de résistance de l’armée (ORA).

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Military unit in World War I

Military unit in World War II

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