Gustav Line

German-prepared defensive lines south of Rome

German-prepared defensive lines south of Rome

This article is about the fortifications of Nazi German during Italian Campaign.

One of the three was the main Gustav Line, which passed across the north of Italy where there was a spill Garigliano River Tyrrhenian Sea in the west, through the Apennine Mountains to the Adriatic coast near Sanger in the East River. Center line, crossing the road north to Rome (Highway 6) was set up around the mountains behind the town of Cassino including the Monte Cassino, it was a monastery Benedictine old dominated the entrance to the valley lyrical (through central Rome), and Monte Cairo gave the defenders an excellent view from a possible attack comes from lyrical Valley.

 On the west side of the Apennines were two secondary lines of defense: “Bernhardt line” south of the Gustav Adolf Hitler and Kav “a distance of five miles or so north of there. Winter line firing trenched strength, concrete bunkers, gun positions, barbed wire and minefields. It was the strongest line of defense of the Germans south of Rome. About 15 German divisions were positioend on the line. The Allies took over five months of fighting (November 1943 – May 1944) to overcome the winter line, including the famous battle of Monte Cassino and Anzio.

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