HMS Carlisle

HMS Carlisle (D67)

HMS Carlisle (D67)

This article is about a light cruiser of Royal Navy during World War II. She participated in First Battle of Sirte, Second Battle of SirteBattle of Cape Matapan, Battle of Crete, and so on.

HMS Carlisle was a British Royal Navy Carlisle-class (part of the C-class) light cruiser that served in World War II. The vessel was too late to participate in the First World War.

HMS Carlisle was the completion of the hangar positioned under the bridge, but it was removed in 1920.

HMS Carlisle joined introduction of 5 Light Squadron Harwich task eastern end of theEnglish Channel, the marine traffic control. The ship was transferred to the Chinese station 1 March 1919.

The ship returned to Englandin 1928 for repair, after which it was placed in the African station 6 Squadron until HMS Neptune released the ship’s 16 March 1937. HMS Carlisle returned toEngland, it was placed in the reserve.

HMS Carlisle was changed during the summer of 1939. Change during the ship’s weaponry is traded on April 4 inch two tubes Mk XIX gun, one Mk VII anti-aircraft gun, and two multi-tubular half-inch machine guns. The renovations were the Second World War broke out still pending.

HMS Carlisle attended the Norwegian coast events, when it was sunk by a German troop transport ship Nord Norge’s.

HMS Carlisle was in August1940 in the Red Sea, participating inBritish Somaliland defense. The ship was involved in, among other things, Berbera evacuation, after which the ship was transferred to theMediterranean Sea.

HMS Carlisle was installed in 1941 two one two tubes of the nail from anti-aircraft guns and radar281 A year later, the ship was installed seven pipes one20 mm anti-aircraft guns, which were replaced in November by five public two-pipe20 mm cannon. At the same time the radar equipment was added to the radar 271, 282 and 285.

HMS Carlisle took part in the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and the Battle of Crete, Malta, the convoy would be, and the protection of the Suez Sicily landing. HMS Carlisle was in October1943 in theAdriatic Sea with the two fighters.

HMS Rockwood towed the damaged HMS Carlisle toAlexandria, where the damage was considered to be so bad that the vessel should be repaired. The vessel was placed in the harbor end of the war ship. After the war the ship was classified as a broke.

In April 1944 the ship’s twin-20 mmguns were modernized.

HMS Carlisle was transferred to 5 April 1946 BISCOlle scrapped and scrapped in Alexandria.

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