HMS Taku

HMS Taku (N38)

HMS Taku (N38)

HMS Taku (N38) was a submarine of the Royal Navy in the Second World War. In their operations in the Mediterranean and the North Sea by boat sinkings reach a total of twelve large and small vessels.


Construction and commissioning

The keel was laid on the Taku Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead) on 18 November 1937, on 20 It was launched in May 1939

The commissioning was on 3 Take place in January 1940.

War of 1940

The HMS Taku was used in sequence with moderate success in 1940 in the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. In one of the first deployments of the British destroyer HMS Ashanti was born on 17 April 1940 confused with a German warship and mistakenly attacked with four torpedo’s, but missed the mark. The following month, on 8 May east of Denmark, a German convoy attacked with ten torpedoes. The German torpedo boat Seagull (ts 900) was damaged and became operational in the spring of 1943 again only in the sequence. As a result of the torpedo attack German occupied the Taku escort vessels for ten hours with water bomb n On 2 November 1940 was attacked southwest of Belle-Ile, the German tanker Gedania (8923 GRT). Although the target was hit, it remained unscathed because of the unexploded torpedo.

Operation in the Mediterranean

After the submarine was transferred to the Mediterranean in 1941, it sank until the end of 1942 several German and Italian transport ships from the Italian, Greek and Libyan coasts.

On 6 May was (2322 GRT) with torpedoes, sinking the Taku in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 20 nautical miles north-north-west of Stromboli Italian freighter Cagliari.

On 11 June Benghazi before the German ammunition truck Tilly LM Russ (1600 GRT) was torpedoed and sunk. The following day, Taku was at the Great Syrtis, 70 nautical miles west-north-west of Benghazi, the Italian transport ship Silvio Scaroni (1367 GRT) torpedo and sink.

In July 1941, Taku go with the sinking of the Italian passenger and cargo ship Caldea (2703 GRT) on 13 July (10 nautical miles from Benghazi) and the Italian auxiliary minesweeper Vincenso P. (270 GRT) on 15 July (25 nautical miles southeast of Auegia (Libya)) two more successes.

More sinkings reached the Taku again until October 1942. Thus, on 24 October 1942 south of Kos, a small Greek sailing vessel with gunfire sunk. On 25 October 1942 was the Italian tanker off Chios Arca (2238 GRT) with a torpedo attack but misses. But the tanker was torpedoed again southwest of Chios on the next day and this time sunk.

The last sinking of this month succeeded on 27 October with the sinking of the Greek sailor Lora (121 GRT) from Lemnos by boarding artillery.

Two more combat successes have been achieved in December of 1942:

•on 14 December, five miles north of the Greek island Macrosini the Italian tanker dolphin (5322 GRT) sunk by torpedoes.

•on 22 December, the Greek sailing ship Niki (150 GRT) was sunk by gunfire north-west of the port of Potidea.

War of 1944

1944 Taku was reinstated off the Norwegian coast and sank February-March two major German freighter, another German truck suffered severe damage: On 7 February, 20 nautical miles north of Stavanger, the Rhine Hausen (6298 GRT), 13 February eight miles south of Skudeneshavn in Boknafjord Hans Bornhofen (2130 GRT) with torpedoes fired upon and sunk. On 12 February 1944 was torpedoed by the German freighter from Stavanger Harm Fritzen (4818 GRT). The transport ship was only damaged heavily and ran aground, but was later salvaged.

In April 1944 the submarine was on a sea mine and was damaged.

The HMS Taku was sold for scrapping in November 1946 and later canceled in Llanelly (Wales).


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Battle successes






8 May 1940 east of Denmark German convoy  -  Attack with ten torpedoes, the German torpedo boat seagull (900 ts) is damaged.

6 May 1941 in the Tyrrhenian Sea Italian freighter Cagliari  2322 GRT  Sinking with torpedoes

11th June 1941 Before Benghazi  German ammunition truck Tilly LM Russ  1600 GRT  Sinking by torpedo

June 12, 1941 in the Great Syrtis  Italian transport ship Silvio Scaroni  1367 GRT  Sinking with torpedoes

13th July 1941 10 nautical miles from Benghazi  Italian passenger and cargo ship Caldea  2703 GRT  Sinking with torpedoes

15th July 1941 25 miles southeast of Auegia (Libya)  Italian auxiliary minesweeper Vincenso P.  270 GRT  Sinking with torpedoes

24th October 1942 South of Kos  small Greek sailing ship  -  Sinking with the deck gun

25th October 1942 Off Chios  Italian tanker Arca  2238 GRT  Missed with a torpedo attack, but

26th October 1942 Southwest of Chios  Italian tanker Arca  2238 GRT  Sunk with a torpedo attack, target

27th October 1942 Before Limnos  Greek sailors Lora  121 GRT  Sinking with on-board artillery

14th December 1942 Five miles north of the Greek island Macrosini  Italian tanker dolphin  5322 GRT  Sinking by torpedo

22, December 1942 Located northwest of the port of Potidea Greek sailing ship Niki  150 GRT  Sinking with the deck gun

7 February 1944 20 miles north of Stavanger  German freighter Rheinhausen  6298 GRT  Sinking by torpedo

12th February 1944 Prior to Stavanger  German freighter Harm Fritzen  4818 GRT  Torpedoing, target torpedoed severely damaged.

13th February 1944 In Boknafjord German Hans van Bornhofen  2130 GRT  Sinking by torpedo


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