Ikarus IK-2

The Ikarus IK-2 was a single-engine fighter aircraft of the 1930s, Yugoslavian in high-deck design.

History and construction

The early 1930s dealt Yugoslav aircraft designers who have designed to date a number of successful school and reconnaissance aircraft, with the idea to design a modern fighter plane, which since the dawn marked the culmination of the design capability and technical maturity of the aviation industry.

This idea also represented two young engineers, Ljubomir Ilić and Kosta Sivčev who returned in 1931 from France, where Ilić finished the College of Aeronautics with flying colors, while Sivčev years in the design offices and factories of Breguet and Hispano-Suiza collected corresponding experiences. They met in France know modern aircraft, and on their return to Yugoslavia they entered the service of the Technical Department of the Yugoslav Air Force commands.

They immediately began the project of all-metal monoplane with Puławski wings, which should replace the already outdated French Dewoitine D.1 and Czechoslovak Avia BH-33rd Following successful wind tunnel tests in the wind tunnel in Paris by Gustave Eiffel in 1933, the project led by the Technical Department of the Yugoslav Air Force Command was introduced. 1935, the first prototype of the IK-2 was built.

Although the IK-2 showed better flight characteristics and higher speed than the then modern Yugoslav fighter Hawker Fury MK.I, it took until October 1938, when the first built by the Icarus works in Novi Sad 12 IK-2 to the 6th Yugoslav Hunting regiment were delivered near Belgrade. At this time, the IK-2 were already obsolete and no serious opponents against modern fighter aircraft suchAs the Messerschmitt Bf 109th

In 1939, the IK-2 to 4 Passed hunting regiment in Zagreb. With the attack of the Axis powers in Yugoslavia on 6 April 1941 got the IK-2 their first combat mission. With the capitulation of Yugoslavia, the Yugoslavs destroyed the remaining IK-2, only three captured by the Axis powers IK-2 were given to Hitler’s puppet state of the Ustasha.

Technical specifications

Ikarus Ik-2:



Length     7.88 m

Wingspan     11.40m

height.      3.84m

drives    A Hispano-Suiza HS 12Ycrs Vee with 860 KW PS/641

Maximum speed     435 km / h at 4,000 m altitude

Rise time to 5,000 m    5.24 min

Reach     700 km

Service ceiling     10,500 m

Empty weight     1502 kg

All-up weight     1857 kg

Weapons     A 20 mm Hispano-Suiza MK HS.404, two 7.92 mm machine guns

Comparable types

Gloster Gladiator, Hawker Fury

•Dewoitine D.501, Dewoitine D.510, Loire 46

•Fokker D.XVII

PZL P.7, PZL P.11, PZL P.24

•Avia B.534

•IAR 14

•Boeing P-26, Grumman F2F Grumman F3F

Polikarpov I-15 Polikarpov I-153, Polikarpov I-16

Arado Ar 76, Focke-Wulf Fw 56, Heinkel He 51

Fiat CR.32, Fiat CR.42

•Kawasaki Ki-10

Military Aircraft

Aircraft of World War II

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