Polikarpov NB

The Polikarpov NB (project designation “T”) is a Soviet bomber aircraft of the Second World War. The abbreviation NB stands for Notschnoi Bombardirowschtschik (Ночной бомбардировщик), night bomber.


Nikolai Polikarpov began in 1942 with the construction works for a twin-engined medium bomber. The type has been configured as a wing monoplane wood-metal composite construction and should be able to carry 3000 to 5000 Kilogramm bombs. As the drive for the serial production ASch-71 engines of 2,000 hp with Arkady Shvetsov starting power were provided. The fuselage nose had a generous glass. The tail unit consisted of two vertical stabilizers at the ends of the horizontal stabilizer. The tail wheel landing gear was fully retractable main wheels drove it into the engine nacelles. On the fuselage was a rotating defensive stand, another was housed in a glazed floor pan.

In autumn 1943, the project phase was completed and the construction of the prototype began. He received two ASch-82A engines and drive. The first flight took place in May 1944. Subsequent testing showed satisfactory performance and was completed in August of the same year. Nevertheless, the NB did not go into mass production because the demand for twin-engine bombers were covered sufficiently by the Pe-2 and Tu-2.

Technical specifications



Concept   Medium-duty night bomber

Designer/constructor  Nikolai Polikarpov

Manufacturer  Polikarpov OKB

Year (s)  1943-1944

Span  21.52 m

Length  15.29m

Engine (s)  two twin radial engines ASch-82A

Starting power  per 1,430 hp

Empty Weight  6747 kg

Off mass  14,640 kg

Maximum speed  515 km / h at 6,250 m altitude

Ceiling  8,800 m

Reach  normal 2195 km

maximum of 3029 km

Weapons  a movable 12.7 mm UBT machine gun in the bow

a movable 12.7 mm UBT machine gun in the back as defense

a portable 12.7-mm MG UBS in floor pan

two rigid MG in the wings

Bomb load  maximum of 5000 kg


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