Presidential Unit Citation (United States)

Presidential Unit Citation (United States)

Presidential Unit Citation (United States)

The Presidential Unit Citation is an award that is awarded to units of the Armed Forces of the United States and its allies, which is characterized by outstanding hero enhafte deeds in the fight against enemy s since Japan European attack on Pearl Harbor and the associated entry of the United States have excelled in the Second World War.

Requirement for a ceremony at a military formation is the decisive demonstration of bravery and esprit de corps during the execution of the respective job under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions.

The degree of heroism required is similar to the Distinguished Service Cross, which is awarded to individuals.

U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force PUC

This particular associations for the Army and Air Force award was presented on 26 Introduced in February 1942 as a Distinguished Unit Citation. Since the 3rd November 1966 it bears the name known today. All members of each unit may wear the PUC honored, regardless of whether they were involved in the fighting or not. Persons who come later to the respective excellent unit, but it is forbidden to wear this belt buckle on the uniform.

It is blue and gold surrounded by a frame. On the regiment sfahne the Army and Air Force PUC feet using a blue belt with dimensions 4 (~ 122 cm) x 2.75 inches (~ 7 cm) to detect. In most cases, it is provided with the name of the battle in which the corresponding association had merit.

U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine PUC

This on 6 February 1942 introduced band buckle is equivalent to the Navy Cross, which is the second highest award of the Navy and Marine Corps, which is awarded to military personnel. It is horizontal in the colors blue, yellow and red striped and has no golden border, but very probably the same dimensions as the Army and Air Force version.

On 7 December 2004 gave President George W. Bush, members of operating in Afghanistan between October 2001 and March 2002, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force SOUTH / Task Force K-Bar, including the German Special Forces Command (KSK), the Navy Presidential Unit Citation for “extraordinary courage, resourcefulness, and aggressive fighting spirit in combat against a well-equipped, well-trained and treacherous terrorist enemy.”

On 7 May 2011 gave President Barack Obama at Fort Campbell, the Navy Presidential Unit Citation which the elite unit of Navy Seals on 1 May 2011 Osama bin Laden killed. The elite soldiers of the Navy Seals had performed “one of the greatest military and intelligence operations in the history of our country” to success, as Obama.

U.S. Coast Guard PUC

The award of the U.S. Coast Guard PUC to associations of the U.S. Coast Guard depends on the type of service provided. As part of the relief operations after Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush gave a special version of this award for outstanding achievements in peacetime the Coast Guard.

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