Security Battalions

The security battalions (tagmata Asfalias, abbreviated Τ.Α. or TA) were set up by Prime Minister Ioannis Rallis armed anti-communist organizations who collaborated in 1943 with the Nazi occupiers, and operated in the Civil War until 1949.

The establishment by the Greek sregierung collaboration took place on 7 April. The security battalions were recruited mainly from recovered Greek citizens and officers of the disbanded Greek forces. They were under the control of the collaborationist government, which was under the control of the turn with the German occupying forces military district commander in chief of South Aegean Thessaloniki or Northern Aegean. Task of the security battalions were fighting Greek resistance fighters in cooperation with the German occupation forces. The security battalions reached a thickness of about 22,000 men who evzones from 9 – and 22 “volunteer battalions” were composed. The military command of the security battalions was incumbent on the members of the SS Walter Schimana.

During the occupation of Greece during World War II, the security battalions were mainly used against the communist-controlled resistance organization National Liberation Front (EAM). The security battalions were anti-communist and royalist oriented. With the disappearance of the Italian occupation forces in September 1943, they operated with the remaining German occupation forces. Their main area was the eastern central Greece and the Peloponnese. An extension of the area of ​​operation to the entire Greece was planned, but came in the time of the occupation until mid / late October 1944 not materialize. During the German retreat in October 1944, the Security Battalions were commissioned by attacks on Greek resistance fighters (especially the ELAS, the military arm of EAM) to cover the German retreat.

After the restoration of the Greek Government on 18 October 1944 should be disarmed and disbanded the security battalions in the course. Due to the escalating unrest between ELAS and EAM on the one hand and the Greek Government, the British troops and the Greek rights on the other hand, the resolution was incomplete. Rather, the security battalions whose members were later adopted despite army of collaboration with the occupying forces in parts of Greece in the Greek police and regular. In this capacity they fought in the Greek civil war of the end of March 1946 to the end of September 1949 against the communist-controlled insurgents of the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE).

Although the Greek government in exile declared every member of the Sicherheitsbataillionen as a punishable crime, judged Greek dishes in the trials of collaborators such as former Prime Minister Georgios Tsolakoglou and other ministers of the collaborationist government that the establishment and membership of the Security Battalions is not an offense.


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