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German trucks driving through muddy

Battle of Rimini

Summary: The Battle of Rimini outbreak has been less than one year from the end of World War II, the Germans due to lack of manpower and resources on various battlefields of Europe receded. This battle took place in northern Italy, as a part of the Italian campaign. The British Eighth Army Commander Oliver Leese […]

Trenches on the Mannerheim Line in the Winter War

Mannerheim Line

The Mannerheim Line finn ( Mannerheim linja) was in the Winter War 1939/40 (attack on the Soviet Union, Finland) is a Finnish defensive line between LakeLadoga and the Gulf of Finland across the Karelian Isthmus. An official name, the attachment did not work. The designation Mannerheim Line after the Finnish Commander Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, […]

Battle of Wizna

The Battle of Wizna or Polish Thermopylae occurred between 6 and 10 September 1939. During the German invasion of Poland Preliminary steps: By 1939 there were around Wizna some Polish positions, which were part of a defensive line that ran along the riverNarew. Wizna east of the town there was a river crossing, which was […]

Trasimene Line

Albert line

This article is about a defensive line in Italian Campaign of World War II. The Albert line, also known as the Trasimene Line was a defensive line established in 1944 by the German army in Italy during the Italian Campaign during World War II. The line owes its name to Albert Kesselring. It was used […]

Bernhardt Line

Bernhardt Line

This article is about defensive line in Italian Campaign of World War II. The Bernhardt Line (also known as Reinhard Line) was a defensive line of fortifications built by the German Army in Italy during the Italian Campaign of World War II. Unlike other defense lines built by the Germans in Italy, the Bernhardt Line […]

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