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Marines hit three feet of rough water

Operation Cartwheel

Operation Cartwheel (Eng. “Buffalo”) was an Allied’s business in the Pacific War during World War II. She was born on 30 Started in June 1943 and lasted until the year 1944. They aimed at the isolation of the major European japan base Rabaul on New Britain. Early history In February 1942, the Japanese had Rabaul, […]

General Douglas MacArthur and Australian Prime Minister John Curtin

South West Pacific Area

Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) was the name of Allied command in the Southwest Pacific area during the Pacific War, see He was one of four major Allied command areas in the Pacific during the war. It included the Philippines, Borneo, Sumatra, Dutch East Indies without, Australia, New Guinea and the surrounding islands and the western […]

Soldiers move inland to investigate reports of Japanese activity

Battle of North Borneo

The battle for the north of Borneo was the battle that took place during the Second World War between the Allies and Japan se troops. The battle was part of the Borneo campaign during the war in the Pacific and took place between June 10 and August 15, 1945 in North Borneo (also known as […]

A Matilda tank from the Australian 4th Armoured

Jungle division

The jungle was a Division during World War II in 1943 introduced by the Australian Army formation type. It was easier than the equipped infantry divisions used in the previous course of the war, especially in the African campaign, which were based on the British model. You should therefore take into account the specific challenges […]

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