Twelfth United States Army Group

Twelfth Army Group Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Twelfth Army Group Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

The 12th Army Group in the United States – Twelfth United States Army Group – is the largest and most powerful of the earth formation history of the United States. This armed group controlled the majority of the forces of the Army of the United States on the Western Front during World War II and was one of three armed groups Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. It was commanded by General Omar Bradley and his headquarters was set up in London.


The First Army Group of the United States – First U.S. Army Group (FUSAG) – is activated in the UK. He becomes the Twelfth United States Army Group the but the rest FUSAG fictitiously set in the context of the operation Quicksilver acting in order to lure the Nazi Germany and make him believe that he prepared a second landing up it is officially dissolved at 18 October 1944.

The Army Group whose total enrollment is in August 1944 men occupied the right flank of the Allied front in the battle of Normandy. After the breakthrough of Avranches and bypassing the German lines, the Army Group found itself at the center of the west front. North was the British 21st Army Group and south after landing in Provence, was the Army Group of States.

She suffered the brunt of the German offensive in the Ardennes in late 1944 and managed to win.

During his advance through Germany in 1945, four armies under his control: 1st U.S. Army, 3rd Army of the United States, Army of the United States and Army United States – the latter being formed – and had 39 infantry and airborne divisions and 15 armored divisions.

At the time of the armistice, the Army Group in the United States had more than 1.3 million men.

Composition in May 1945

• 12th Army Group – General Omar Bradley

• 1st army – Gen. Courtney Hodges

◾ III Corps – Gen

◾ V Corps – Gen. Clarence R. Huebner

◾ VII Corps – Gen. Joseph Lawton Collins

XVIII Airborne Corps – Gen. Matthew Ridgway

• army – Gen. George S. Patton

VIII Corps – Gen. Troy H. Middleton

◾ XII Corps – Gen. Manton S. Eddy

◾ XX Corps – Gen

• Army – Gen. William Hood Simpson

◾ XIII Corps – Gen

◾ XVI Corps – Gen. John B. Anderson

◾ XIX Corps – Raymond S. McLain

• Army – Gen. Leonard T. Gerow

◾ XXII Corps – Gen. Ernest N. Harmon

◾ XXIII Corps – Gen Jesmond Dene Balmer

Military unit in World War II

Military unit of the United States

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