Wend von Wietersheim

Wend von Wietersheim

Wend von Wietersheim

This article is about a Nazi German commander during World War II.

Wend von Witersheim (Kreis Lowenberg, April 18, 1900 – Bad Honnef, September 19, 1975) was a German general. He served in the Wehrmacht, receiving several decorations, and was sentenced to twenty years in prison by an Allied tribunal after the Second World War in which he participated as a general infantry.



Too young to participate in the First World War, however, he studied from 1912 to become an artillery officer, and he came from the Military Academy in Wrocław in 1922 with the rank of lieutenant and participated actively in the activities of the Freikorps and took part in the putsch extreme right-wing Kapp fled to Hungary in time to avoid being arrested.


Trends very conservative, anti-Semitic and nationalistic, when the government came to power, von Hindenburg, he returned to Germany as an officer in the Reichswehr and Thuringia as captain, and his role in Thuringia was supposed to quell unrest Communists, but not limited von Witersheim to arrest the rioters, but the Communists did not intervene in the fight against reactionaries. Initially Hitler looked positively, as a representative of the “old right” and believed Hitler a revolutionary semi-Bolshevik, but then backed him towards the rearmament of the Rhineland, and promoted more of a Panzer Division, participated in the invasion of theRhineland.


He joined the Nazi party in 1937, a friend of Wilhelm Keitel, had a rapid rise to the War Office. He was promoted again and had the command of Colonel 3rd Panzer Division and he was one of the most fleeting supporters of rearmament and war offense, taking part in the invasion ofPoland andFrance. He played a very important role in Operation Barbarossa and teams of SS in the work of indiscriminate slaughter of civilians Slavic. He also replaced General von Reichenau when he died of heart attack, and to avenge the death of his beloved superior officer, ordered to exterminate the inhabitants of thevillage ofBug, namesake of the Bug river,Ukraine.


Transferred to the Western Front and promoted to lieutenant general, he had to assist von Rundestedt in an attempt to arrest the march of the Allied forces in France, surrendered to U.S. troops May 5, 1945, he tried by a military court at Metz, he was sentenced to twenty years in prison Caen. He died September 19, 1975 at the age of 75 years.

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  1. Jarek says:

    The article gives quite different picture of the general, compared to what you can find on other websites. What is the source of your information?

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