German troops near Salerno

Operation Avalanche

Operation Avalanche refers to a landing operation of the Allies in Italy in the early stage of the war. In the operation, the U.S. Fifth Army successfully landed in the southern Italian city of Salerno. But the process of landing was resisted by the Germans. On August 17, 1943, the Allies completely controlled the island […]

Pietro Badoglio

Armistice of Cassibile

Armistice of Cassibile refers to the armistice agreement signed in 1943 between the Kingdom of Italy and the Allies. The agreement made the Kingdom of Italy break away from the Axis camp and joined the Allies to fight. But then Italy split and in the northern area the ItalianSocialRepublic under the leadership of Mussolini was […]

Operation Baytown, the invasion of Southern Italy

Operation Baytown

Operation Baytown is a landing operation launched by the Allies in Italy during World War 2. In this operation, the 13th Corps under the British 8th Army passed through the Strait of Messina from Sicily and occupied the city of Reggio di Calabria of Italy across the Strait. The Allies’ combat in Italy was also […]

Harold Alexander in Italy

Operation Husky order of battle

Here below listed the fighting forces involved in the invasion of Sicily by the Allies along with a brief description. Allies: Allies Supreme Commander was Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower from the United States. Allies 15th Army Group: Commander Harold Alexander. This is a super unit composed specially for the invasion of Sicily, just like the […]

Soldiers of 45th Infantry Division

Biscari massacre

Biscari massacre refers to the two cases of massacres of prisoners of war during the invasion of Sicily by the Allies. The two massacre occurred on the same day and both of them were conducted by the U.S. 45th Infantry Division’s 180th Infantry Regiment, of which was because the captured prisoners caused great casualties to […]

Fiat 3000

Fiat 3000

Fiat 3000 is a light tank developed in Italy. The tank was completed development in the early 1920s and equipped for usage. The tank was primarily designed to mimic Renault FT tank made by France in World War 1. As the equipment of the Italian army during World War 2 lagged behind, and some Fiat […]

Operation Husky Timeline

Operation Husky Timeline

The battle took place in 1943. The time below always refers to what happened during the year of 1943. June 11, in the Operation Corkscrew, the British 1st Infantry Division occupied the island of Pantelleria. More than 10,000 Italian garrisons on the island surrendered. The island is located in the southwest of Sicily. June 12, […]

The Allied land forces

Operation Husky

Operation Husky was the codename of the invasion of Sicily of Italy by the Allies. In the period from July to August 1943, the Allies launched an attack to occupied Sicily of Italy and eventually captured the island and won the battle, which promoted the ruling of Mussolini in Italy for over 20 years to […]

Troops from 51st Highland Division in Operation Husky

World War 2 facts, Operation Husky

1. What is the purpose of this military action and the final outcome? This is the code of the operation of the invasion and capture of Sicily of Italy launched by the Allies in July 1943. In May 1943, the Allies gained complete victory in North Africa battlefield and then began to attack the Italian […]

Battle of Troina

Battle of Troina

Battle of Troina was part of the invasion of Sicily of the Allies. After this battle, the U.S. broke the Etna Line of the Axis forces and forced German and Italian forces to continue to withdraw and the Allies had occupied most of the region of Sicily. In the fighting in Sicily began on July […]

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